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Day 24 #30in30 – Rink Changes

Day 24 #30in30 – Rink Changes


The main play area in Across the Table – Hockey has undergone many changes over the last the few months.  Here are some of the changes and our reasoning behind each design decision:

1. We added ramps to each corner.  In our original design the hockey players would be sitting on the corners of the screen waiting to be flicked. With this design we needed to address player boundaries.  We thought of a few things like dotted lines, and  a highlighted zone, but in the end we decided to go with ramps as they indicate speed and direction.

2. A scoreboard.  Originally the scores were just pop-ups.  We added a permanent scoreboard so that our game would also show well as a spectator game – plus it looks neat too.

3. Player benches.  In the original design players had an unlimited number of men.  We found that with an unlimited roster, the action became a little too chaotic.  We added a player bench and limited the roster to 5* men.  When your roster is empty you can “reload” your bench by tapping it.

*In the Custom Game screen you can change your roster size to 3, 5, 7, or 9.

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