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Day 26 #30in30 – Our Top 5 Favourite Hockey Video Games

Day 26 #30in30 – Our Top 5 Favourite Hockey Video Games

As we’ve said many times, we’ve been playing video game our whole lives.  A large portion of that time spent was dedicated to playing games from our favourite sport – hockey!  We’ve played almost every hockey iteration from the NES days onwards, we’ve spent countless quarters on the arcade versions, and Matt’s even worked on a few of them in the past at EA.   Hockey is a tough sport to get right in video games, and these guys nailed it! In no particular order:

1) Ice Hockey (NES) – A classic that belongs in everyone’s NES collection. If you don’t have a NES buy it on Virtual Console.

2) NHL Hitz 2003 (Xbox) – The Hitz franchise was incredibly over the top and loaded with amazing extra content.  It’s a shame they stopped making them.

3) NHL 09 (Xbox 360/PS3) – This game raised the bar for all hockey games at the time.  Also this was one the first games that Matt worked on.

4) 2 0n 2 Midway Open Ice Challenge (Arcade) – After playing NBA Jam so many times, it was nice that Hockey fans got to get in on the arcade action.

5) Mutant League Hockey (Genesis) – This game is proof that you don’t need a license to make a great hockey game – just skeletons, monsters, and robots.


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