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Northwest Fan Fest Recap

Northwest Fan Fest Recap

We spent all last weekend showing Across the Table Hockey at our first con, Northwest Fan Fest.  As far as cons go we had no idea what to expect. This particular  one was combination of three other ones – it combined anime, cosplay, and gaming.  It was located at UBC and we were put in the SRC building with all of the other game-related vendors and events.

We set up shop along a lane of other indie game developers.  We were lucky enough to be surrounded by high traffic areas – In front of us was the Smash Bros tournament, behind was was the League of Legends tournament, and right beside us was ROCKETS ROCKETS ROCKETS – one of the busiest booths of the weekend.

We spent most of the weekend sitting at our booth and playing games with people passing by – luckily enough we were situated right in front of the entrance/exit.  We had some great reactions from players, and even had people coming back for more.   Because Across the Table Hockey is really easy to just pick up and play, it really shows well at events like these.

On Day 2 we threw an Across the Table Hockey tournament.  It turned out to be way more exciting than we ever expected. By the finals, we had our competitors playing on the edge of their seats, then eventually standing.   Shout out to Paris who won the first ever tournament and took home the dollar store cup!

Overall it was an awesome weekend.  We made some new friends, shared some Across the Table Hockey love, and played a whole lot of games.

Shout outs to our friends and neighbors at the con. It was awesome spending the weekend with you guys – thanks for all the advice, support and laughs:

Fuzzy Wuzzy Games – Their first game, Armillo (WiiU), is amazing and it was just released this week.
RadialGames – Check out ROCKETS ROCKETS ROCKETS on steam
Foosler – These guys will be rolling out a pretty cool skill gaming service pretty soon.  Matt ended up winning their grand prize for the con.
Repliscans – If you’ve ever wanted an action figure of yourself (haven’t we all?), hit these guys up.  They employ a real 3D scanning process to create a picture perfect figure.
Roadhouse Interactive – Makers of Warhammer 40,000 Carnage.

Cheers and see YOU at the next one,
Matt & Tyler

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